What this is all about.

23 Jan

We’ll start with the obvious. For those of you who know us, the name of this blog does not correlate to the orange fuzzy thing now staring at me from the middle of the kitchen. That is just a coincidence actually. Lately when we’ve been hard at work in the kitchen we have Pandora tuned into all kinds of jazz music. It definitely helps get us in the mood to create something spectacular. Okay well we can make the attempt!

Ever since I watched the movie Julie and Julia about a month ago, I’ve been enthused about cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been interested in it and have cooked a big percentage of our meals, but this is a whole new level. We decided that this journey into the world of fine cuisine is something we needed to share. Sure everyone has the same idea out there, but we have to think at least a few people would want to see our latest creations and hear our thoughts about the whole thing.

So here we go, we’ll detail what we’re up to in the kitchen and what we’ve come up with whether it works or needs work.

Now playing: Sway by Julie London
Now cooking: Whole wheat bread is currently rising


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