Pictures aren’t the only things to hang on walls.

25 Jan

I’m sure you’ll think “oh that’s nice and convenient”, or something to that effect, but believe me, this is more out of necessity rather than convenience. To understand this, you have to know that my only usable countertop is 22″ wide and 24″ deep. But since it is the only usable one, naturally we have to have some items stored on it. Which gives me a whopping two square feet of counter space. The space under this counter is the only place to store pots and pans along with staples such as flour and sugar. Cooking quickly is not always an option in this kitchen.

Thus the wall board was conceived. This is actually a result of watching Julie & Julia since apparently I’m not creative enough to think of something this simple! We now have plenty of room for our lids and staples, and our nice non-stick pans are not scratching each other. We still have one little fry pan to put up, ran out of hooks!

Now Playing: If You Were Coming In The Fall by Carla Bruni


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