Do deserts count as salads?

27 Jan

Last night we were back at it, having found a great recipe for my favorite style of chicken.  It is very easy to get dry chicken with almost any style of cooking.  Poaching chicken is a really easy way to get incredibly succulent meat.  There’s only one better way to go……poaching with wine!  An insightful member posted a recipe for Wine Braised Chicken.  The only substitution I made this time was a butterflied chicken breast instead of the frying chicken.  It seemed a little overkill for just the two of us.  The only problem with this recipe is that you just want to keep it cooking for the smell!

We’ve been doing a lot of green vegetables lately so I was having a hard time coming up with a side for this dish.  I’m still getting the hang of pairing main meat dishes with the right vegetable.  As if spices aren’t hard enough!  I’m not sure I nailed it this time, but it came out pretty tasty.  It came down to rosemary roasted red potatoes.  I think it smelled better than the wine if that is possible.  I think that is partly what draws me to cooking.  Not just the creation, but the colors and smells you get while cooking.  Its just fabulous!

Okay now the desert.  What good meal is complete after the main dish?  No way!  Since I’m fairly short on desert supplies and I’m trying my best to maintain at least an attempt to be “good” with our diet, I had to use what was handy.  Unfortunately that meant I could make chocolate mousse.  Darn!  We were both really disappointed but we fought through it.  I found the recipe on the website of one of my new favorite PBS shows, Avec Eric.  I’ve watched all of the online episodes and am planning on making most of his recipes.  The few that we have tried are dynamite, though I’m still cleaning the oven from the chicken paillard.  Okay so I make the mousse and we are in chocolate heaven.

The only thing I’m unsure about is the chilling for an hour.  Maybe I’m not doing it right, but after coming out of the fridge its got an ice cream texture to it.  Before the fridge, its got a beautiful creamy texture to it.  I might just go with that next time.  Not entirely a hardship because we get to eat it sooner!

Next recipe: Lentil and Spinach soup (not tonight! We’ve got a birthday dinner to attend.)
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