Everybody needs a day off….

27 Jan

Okay so I have to admit that I took a night off last night to sample someone else’s cooking. We decided to go for TexMex at Texas Tubb’s Cactus Ranch, partly because I didn’t have ingredients for my dish and we ran out of time after work. If you go, we’d recommend either the pork or the chili. I opted for the chili last night and it hit the spot. You can’t really go wrong with chili and cornbread, even if its mediocre chili (which this isn’t to clarify that statement).

It did give me some time to look for some more recipes since we didn’t spend the night dining and dishing. I think I came up with a few good ones, so we’ll seen very soon. I do feel like we spend half our week at the grocery store. Some people go out on the town……we go to the grocery store. Becca (or Scrubbie as we affectionately call her) loves telling everyone about the first time I was in our now favorite store. Running here and there trying to take in all the produce I’ve never seen at other stores. It is SO worth the extra cost to get this quality of food. I mean really, what other store is going to carry Ugli fruit? Yes, Ugli fruit, you heard me. We came to find out its about the best version of grapefruit that you could hope for. Its got the slight tang that a grapefruit has, but the mellowness of an orange. The first one we had was a learning experience of how to eat it. The second one (tomorrow morning!) should go much smoother…..and quicker.

Next recipe: Lentil and spinach soup
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