What’s the greatest thing to happen to herbs?

27 Jan

This! The Herb Keeper from Crate & Barrel.  Don’t think we’re trying to plug products, but now we’re plugging a product!  I was on their website snooping around and came across this.  Supposedly it keeps your herbs fresh for longer.  Some of the comments mentioned that people were keeping herbs as long as three or four weeks.

About four days before I read this, I had splurged on three packages of herbs for a recipe I made.  Even that quick, some were wilting and going bad.  I figured what the heck and sprang for this.  OMG!!!!  My thyme is going on a month, savory is going on three weeks.  My chives are a week old.  Mint is still a bit short lived, but hey, 1 out of 5 staying fresh for over a week are pretty good odds!  I’m religious about changing the water every couple days and picking out any wilting or rotting bits that show up.

Anyone who tries to keep fresh herbs in the fridge should definitely invest in one of these.  You’ll end up saving way more than this costs.

Okay, that’s the end of my gratuitous product plug.  Now go and buy one :).

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