Best in town or not worth the money?

29 Jan

We ended up going to Lombardino’s for a birthday dinner on Thursday night.  As you could probably guess, it is Italian but I’d say it had a northern Italian/French lean to it.  It just so happened that this last week was Restaurant Week here in Madison.  It is a week where a collection (normally 25-30) local restaurants offer special menus and pricing so you can sample what they offer at a reduce price.  It worked out for us because the menu looked delicious and the price was great.

I went for a collection of squash soup, pork tenderloin over potatoes, and flour-less chocolate cake.  Being completely honest, the soup was divine.  Something I could eat every night for an appetizer for the next three years.  I believe it was a butternut squash (or something very similar) with nutmeg.  Now since I’m still developing my super sensitive, spice taste-tester, taste buds, I couldn’t tell you what else was in the soup.  But if you ever go there, order it!

Next up was the pork tenderloin over mashed potatoes.  Again I couldn’t tell you what the potatoes were made up of other than……potatoes.  Possibly some lemon zest, chives, and other saucy goodness.  The pork was well seasoned but unfortunately the potatoes were the star of the meal.  The pork was a bit tough and rather chewy.

Then the dish that made the night worth it.  The flour-less chocolate cake served in an espresso cup with a small dollop of whipped cream.  It was about the consistency of my chocolate mousse the other night before I chilled it.  Served warm this “cake” was simply heaven in a cup.

All in all the portion sizes were well done, seasoning was spot on, and overall a good meal.  The pork fell short but was saved by the rest of the meal.  If you are looking for a nice night away from your kitchen, I’d recommend it.  4.25 licks.

Now playing: Leonardo’s Ride by The Greencards
Next recipe: TBD…….we didn’t go the grocery store quite enough times this week apparently


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