What is a lick and how do I get one?

29 Jan

We probably have to explain a little bit about our lick system.  Given that our blog name has absolutely nothing to do with anything having four feet (it doesn’t I swear!)……we decided that our rating system will consist of licks.

One lick….You did something terribly wrong and the dog most likely won’t like it.

Two licks….Think Denny’s.  Food is okay but definitely not worth writing about.

Three licks….Food was good, but it was possibly over cooked or not seasoned correctly.  One dish possibly flopped.  Worth writing about to learn from mistakes.

Four licks….Now we’re getting somewhere.  As with any 5 something rating system, this is near the top of possibilities.  Food was really good, well seasoned, and mostly cooked just right.  Possibly the wrong dishes were paired and tastes tended to clash.  Another possibility is a slight mis-cooking on one dish, but still had a good result.

Five licks….The Mecca of the Jazzy Kitchen.  Nearly unattainable, but when you do, its a dish that could be the driving force behind smell-o-vision, or possibly dare I say…..food replicators.

And for that white elephant kind of rarity of the perfect meal……

Five licks and a paw….description unneeded.

Now playing: A Kiss To Build a Dream On by Louis Armstrong


One Response to “What is a lick and how do I get one?”

  1. Lilah January 29, 2011 at 10:11 am #

    Aha, now I see the true meaning of your blog name. Thanks for the ratings key. And great song choice!

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