A meal that makes it worth working all week

31 Jan

Sunday morning we needed a treat.  What better than a lazy morning with tea and buttermilk pancakes?  These aren’t just any pancakes, these are good-for-you wholly goodness on a plate.  Nothing good for you tastes better.  It was between these or apple pancakes…..these won.  The apple pancakes were relegated to next weekend (or possibly sooner!).

The nice thing about pancakes is the ease of creation.  Except for the plethora of bowls that seem to be generated from all the mixing.

I love watching pancakes cook.  I had two pans going so I had a lot to watch.  Its amazing how hard it is to get two pans to cooperate when it comes to heating.

I think the only words here are….mmmmmmm!  They tasted exactly how they look.  The raspberries were the sweetest I’ve ever had, a wonderful compliment to the pancakes.

The pancakes were dense but not overly so.  The tastes blended wonderfully.  You could really taste the cornmeal, which is not a bad thing.  I was wondering when I could use more of all that polenta I bought.

Served with warm maple syrup, I’d give these pancakes 4.25 licks.

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