Escape of the lentils

31 Jan

I finally did it.  Saturday night was the night for the spinach and lentil soup I’ve been promising since Tuesday.  It was worth the wait.  Boy was it worth it.  Being a very easy recipe to throw together, its a great meal for a cold day that you don’t want to put a lot of effort into.  I accompanied the soup with our usual Caesar salad.  We’ve found that having a Caesar before the meals really works for both taste and portion control.

I really do think this Le Creuset pot is the best thing ever.  I can’t believe how well it cooks everything.  Its just amazing how they have it figured out.  Plus…..nothing sticks!

I think my favorite part of cooking a dish like this is when the shallots and garlic are sauted.  The aroma is amazing.

I really haven’t used many recipes with lentils, though I’ve always liked lentils.  I’ve had a package in the pantry for what seems an eternity but haven’t gotten around to using it.  I’ve said it before, but I love the color of food.

I had a thought about the amount of skins, tops, peels, etc. that I’m producing from all this fresh cooking.  Our plans are to go a lot greener and renewable this spring with our own garden.  Now it doesn’t make a lot of sense not to be putting this organic waste back into the ground through composting.  So that’s what we’ve started doing with everything.  As soon as spring rolls around, out come the shovels and this compost will go to good use……most likely rabbit food!  At least its green…. 🙂

Need smell-o-vision yet?  You should be wishing for it right now!

The soup was fantastic.  I was worried about the amount of ginger at first.  I mean really, a thumb-sized piece?  Who’s thumb?  Is this the King’s measurements, or something I’m not aware of?  Well, worries aside, it worked.  You could definitely taste it but instead of overwhelming you, it gave the soup a mellowness.  I gave this soup 4 licks.  A very good rating that will go into the soon-to-be-made-again file.

Desert wasn’t really needed after this soup, but to be complete we decided on some 72% French chocolate and red wine.

This is fantastic chocolate to cook with, but on its own its just as good.  Mouthwatering even.

We were lucky to have received this bottle of Domaine Pardon, Recolte 2009.  This is a fruity, very smooth, full red wine.  Highly recommended.

Now Playing: All I Want Is You by Tristan Prettyman
Next recipe: …….now that’s the question.  Having spent a mortgage payment at the grocery store this last week, this week is called “what can we cobble together”


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