You will never look at grilled cheese the same way.

31 Jan

Before I go on and on about this dish, let me just get your mouth watering a little:

Okay now that I have your attention, let’s get down to it.  I found this recipe for the greatest grilled cheese on  That website is a virtual smorgasbord, a visual feast, every time you visit.  Do NOT visit that site while hungry.  You’ve been warned!

We’ve had this dish several times for lunch and have loved it equally every time.  You will most likely never want a ‘standard’ grilled cheese ever again.

I only varied from the recipe slightly in a few spots.  First off, I used a single layer of prosciutto under the cheese.  It gives it just a touch more flavor and ever so slightly more texture.  Follow that by changing out the cheese with a mouth-watering aged Asiago, sliced very thin.  Caution…..use a very sharp knife for that, it likes to crumble.  The only other change was one that was mentioned at the end of the recipe.  I used slightly more than a few drops of white wine.  When a few drops is good, a smattering is much better.  Follow up everything with a layer of smoked paprika and you are all set.  The kitchen will smell good for hours and you’ll be satiated until the next meal.  I’ll give this dish 4.75 licks on a bad day.

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