Its all in the eggs.

5 Feb

Tuesday was slower and MUCH snowier so that lend itself to be a nice cooking day.  There’s nothing better than a warm oven when you’ve got swirling, howling snow pelting the windows.  Now what I could make to have an excuse not to shovel was up for question.

I started the day by serving baked eggs with garlic sauteed spinach and polenta. I’ve been wanting to make a baked egg recipe for a while.  The original recipe called for Swiss chard, but given that it was snowing buckets out and I had a bundle of beautiful, fresh spinach, it seemed like the right thing to do.  I did find out much like the original author that this recipe is dependent on your eye and your oven.  If the two cooperate then you will come out with a very respectable dish.


Either my eyes are off or my oven has a hot streak.  Just like he said, my eggs came out a bit on the cooked side.  It didn’t ruin the dish, but you didn’t have any gooey goodness going on with the eggs.

Well ahead of myself, I have to mention the polenta.  I’m new to cooking it, and didn’t keep the packaging for the cooking ratio.  Finding a quick explanation on the web (did I mention I love the internet in the kitchen?), I got down to cooking my polenta.  I ended up with the perfect creamy consistency, but made enough for about 5 or 6 people.  Note for the future, use just half a cup at most for two people.  Another problem I ran into was that it was quite bland.  Figuring as much before I started, I included some chives and thyme, salt and pepper, and butter but those fell short.  I’m not quite sure what it needed but there was something missing.

Once you have the polenta cooked and in the dishes, the rest goes quick.  The seasoning on the spinach and eggs where spot on and very good.  Add to that the fresh grated Parmesan at each layer and you have a winner.  If I could only fix that polenta….

Overall this gets a 3.25 licks.  I think it might have the potential for more if the polenta had more depth.

Now playing: Seguriya by Carlos Montoya


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