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Snow, wind, warm dog beds, and hot muffins

1 Feb

A happy blizzard evening to you all–at least to us up here in the frozen North

This is a wonderful evening for hot fresh muffins!  I have finished the dishes, moved the dog’s bed so she can be near us, and brought my laptop into the kitchen to make sure I am as close to the muffins as possible.  You have to enjoy things while they last.

There is nothing like a warm kitchen on a chilly windy night.  People have gathered in the kitchen/cooking space for thousands of years.  When we got married, we somehow fit 15 people into our kitchen.  Granted it was much bigger than the one we have now.  Everyone was relaxed and happy.  We were all in each others’ way and the sound of chatter was almost overwhelming.  Nobody cared.  There is nothing like 15 noisy people in a hot kitchen.  🙂

A few nights ago, we had one of the best meals of my life (it was lemon caper chicken served with potato and kale cakes with roulle).  For once I’m actually ahead of the chef, so the recipe is coming.  I’m still recovering. I give that one 5 licks.  I would have given it a paw, but there was too much sauce.   I hated to finish that meal.  It was hard to wash those dishes.

We’ve had several meals and a chance to compare tastes, colors, textures, and clean-up effort.   This is giving us the chance to talk about what we like best and our difference tastes.  I like the bolder flavors.  Chef likes his food mellow and smooth.

It’s off to more muffins.  They are maple oat banana.  I think I could eat 20.  Maybe I will since  I probably need to fatten up to protect myself in the blizzard.  I’m sure in a minute I can come up with a zillion more excuses.



A Mellow Mood

29 Jan

We’re going on day number 5 and our new pan rack is still on the wall!  For a few days I could almost hear it falling off the wall in the middle of the night.  It would probably wake the people down the street.  I have also stopped doing a double-take every time I see it in the corner of my eye.  The first day it was up our budding chef actually said hello to it.  I’m not sure what to make of that.  I think it was more a sign of respect rather than an unhealthy connection to it.  Given that it hangs above his head when we sit at the table, he has a right to show it proper respect.

I would also like to share my experience at Lombardino’s.  It was truly wonderful.  I had a very traditional Caesar salad.  It included the eggs, anchovies, and fresh dressing.  I then moved on to the main course of pumpkin stuffed ravioli with a light cheese sauce.  I picked  a mint chocolate dessert.  it was very creamy and the mint flavor was quite strong.  I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t as good as the flourless chocolate cake.  I had one taste of that cake and needed more.  I tried turning on the charm and moved on to looking seriously pathetic.  No luck.  I decided to steal it.  However, he was sitting to my right.  I am left handed and not as coordinated, sneaky, or quick with my right hand.  I made note of that for future dining experiences.

We just finished our spinach lentil soup.  It was very mellow although it did have a slight kick to it.  The soup was topped with a little yogurt.  It had a similar effect as sour cream, but added a sweet taste.  The soup was exactly what I needed.  I had a difficult week ending with a stressful meeting.  The soup, a very mellow red wine, and a little chocolate relaxed me.  I give it 4 licks for both flavor and mood.

Another important feature to mention is that the dishes and prep work for this meal are very minimal.  This was great given that I was not in the mood to stand at the sink for a long time.  The dogs were also happy since they were not banished from the kitchen for very long.  That makes up for being stuck with dry crunchy chunks.  Ok, maybe not.

Good night to all and to all a good night.


Dishwasher or food critic?

27 Jan

Hello to all.

I hear our blog is becoming popular. I figured this means I should take off my rubber gloves, stretch out my back, and get my stuffed tummy to my computer. First, I’d like to apologize to those of you in the hand-lotion industry. I know I promised to invest every cent I have. However, my new rubber gloves changed my life. I’m happy to say that the skin on my hands still exists!
I have decided that besides washing dishes I have another job. I have suddenly become a food critic. This means I have a major problem (I needed a new one. I don’t know what a food critic talks about.). Thus, I’m on my own. Here goes nothing. If you know how spices, textures, colors, etc. go together then you might as well quit reading.
Everything has been totally yummy! I have discovered a love of capers. Up until recently I thought capers were some kind of creepy tiny sea creature. If you’re curious, go look it up. I have also decided that I like citrus on pork. That’s something I never thought I’d say. I think so far that’s been my favorite. You’ll have to read the chef’s posts to figure out what that was called. I can’t remember, can’t pronounce it, and NO way could I spell it. I can also eat fresh Caesar salads until I explode. The Crepes Suzette were also amazing. Our chef kept the blue flames confined to the pan. We had a guest that night, my friend Lilah was here to help put out any fires.
I need to run. I can hear dishes plopping into the sink. Oh, and the mixer just stopped which means the chocolate mousse will be ready soon.
I’ll try to think about all of you while I eat my chocolate. If you believe that . . .


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